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I love Hello Kitty just as much as I love science and foreign culture.  Bless the Japanese for allowing me to be childish well into adulthood!  Lucky for me, it’s kinda fashionable even for grown women… It was quite fortuitous, though, that I was able to have a daughter of my own so I could […]

Actually, it just occurred to me to ask you guys (and gals… I mean that in the collective sense) for some guidance now that I’m getting a little traffic and a lot of you have some science know-how. My 7 year old son is incredibly bright and intellectual.  Unfortunately, he is a little emotionally immature […]

Wow!  I have to say that I never expected my blog to get any attention.  That was OK with me because, afterall, it should primarily be for my own amusement.  If others are amused in the process, all the better!  I have to share my gratitude with Dr. Isis and Pharmboy whom have spread the […]

OK, well apparently I’m fixated.  I suppose I *could* rant about love at least until Valentine’s day. That’s my excuse, anyway. Having a failed marriage of my own (I just recently separated from an 8 year relationship), I wonder what components are essential for a successful relationship. Obviously one’s upbringing affects their capacity for healthy […]

DNA Douche???


You gotta love the Gmail sidebar advertisements…. I thought being asked whether I thought I was a bad mom was pretty funny but the title “DNA Douche” is far more amusing!  If your reaction is anything like mine, you’ll scratch your head, laugh, and say to yourself, “Exactly what the hell is THAT about?!?!”.  Well, […]

There is this silly chain letter going around on Facebook, or at least I thought so initially because I was reluctanct to think hard to figure out 25 novel things about myself that aren’t widely known.  I’m usually reluctant to think introspectively in public, hence the delay in starting a blog… Anyway, after completing it […]



Camellia, originally uploaded by mari5ol. I love nature and photography in addition to science. I took a walk the other day in a beautiful garden and I took this picture of a flower in bloom. In this cold, it’s nice to see something with some color.