In the beginning… there was Science Online ’09!


Last weekend I attended the Science Online ‘09 conference purely by chance. A group of attendees made a visit to my university and were touring the lab where I work.  This was definitely a group of random people… the only uniting factor being science and the blogosphere.  It piqued my interest, though, and when I heard that they were in town for a science conference, I figured, “why not?”.  People are interesting and if they can chat about science, I’m in!

Now… I’m not your “average” blogger. In fact, I’m pretty inept when it comes to technology. I think I was the only person not typing away furiously at a laptop. Nevertheless, I found the conference to be rather interesting.  There were a variety of attendees, many from other countries and with different interests within the realm of science.  They all shared a common characteristic, however: they were passionate and driven.  I think more than anything that is what inspired me to write my own blog.  I can definitely relate to that feeling and it was all over the place!  It doesn’t matter if you blog about cephalopods, or aardvarks (pretty clever, I must say, to be first in an alphabetized list!), or science policy.  When you love what you do, it shows.  Well… I love people and I love science.  I had the idea that perhaps I, too, have something to blog about.  I mean these days people blog about pretty much anything.

So I get home and I feel fired up about writing a blog.  I feel the drive to write about my own passion. Uh oh… it’s not that easy.  Damn.  It’s taken me a week just to write my first entry!  Geez, even finding an appropriate name took several days.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I always feel self-conscious that my best is not good enough.  Perhaps only one person will ever read any of it (hello there!) but I still feel compelled to make it just as pleasant and inspirational as the bloggers that got me here in the first place.  I’ve been advised to stop thinking about it and just do it.  I just think that there is an abundance of bloggers who think too little and write too much.  Let’s hope I don’t become one of *those*.


2 Responses to “In the beginning… there was Science Online ’09!”

  1. welcome to the blogoblog!

  2. Velcom Little Sister – Now that you are here, you can never leave…. Hehehe kidding, mostly Eagles styles – eww that aged me! I too am enjoying the blogosphere, so welcome!


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