25 Random Facts About Yours Truly


There is this silly chain letter going around on Facebook, or at least I thought so initially because I was reluctanct to think hard to figure out 25 novel things about myself that aren’t widely known.  I’m usually reluctant to think introspectively in public, hence the delay in starting a blog… Anyway, after completing it I thought it was neat to share some rather random information about myself.  I thought I might share it with complete strangers while I was at it.  Here it goes:

1. I’m obsessed with Asian culture, especially Indian and Japanese
2. I’m a sucker for a foreign accent and glasses.
3. I intend on getting a PhD and publishing important scientific research.
4. Both my parents have been married 3+ times and I’m hoping I don’t suffer the same
fate. Strike one…
5. I wore a white wedding dress when I was 8 months pregnant. It was immaculate. Ha
ha ha.
6. I speak 3 languages. I wish I knew more.
7. I plan on leaving the US in 5-7 years.
8. Sadly, I’ve experimented with most non-intravenous drugs.
9. I am embarrassed when people ask me if I’m a grad or PhD student and I have to say
10. I am most at peace when I’m alone in the woods.
11. I LOVE everything pumpkin flavored. I’m fanatical.
12. I tested for Mensa but didn’t quite make it. Dammit. How do I increase my IQ by 7
points? ;oP Guess I’ll have to settle for above average rather than genius….
13. I will try virtually anything once.
14. Nothing pisses me off like being stood up. NOTHING.
15. Picky eaters annoy me.
16. I play upright bass – classical music only.
17. I am very needy of affection, physical and emotional.
18. I can’t get by without a strong cup of dark roast coffee in the morning.
19. I have 4 tattoos and they cover about a quarter of my body.
20. I dream of having a traditional Hindu wedding… but I’m not Hindu.
21. My dream vacation would be a tour of the Mediterranean.
22. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of gal; I’ve replaced a toilet, installed a ceiling fan, tiled a
kitchen, and replaced a door including the frame… all on my own. If I am capable, I
refuse to pay someone else to do it.
23. I am afraid of heights but feel compelled to confront that fear.
24. I’m traditional in my views of gender roles. I most certainly appreciate a man who
holds the door open for me or gives me his seat. I will gladly cook his dinner and do his
laundry. (Although this is not the same as being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!)
25. I would like to run a marathon once I get the time to train.


One Response to “25 Random Facts About Yours Truly”

  1. I am loving the blog, Extrovert! Keep up the fantastic work because I can’t wait to keep reading.

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