DNA Douche???


You gotta love the Gmail sidebar advertisements…. I thought being asked whether I thought I was a bad mom was pretty funny but the title “DNA Douche” is far more amusing!  If your reaction is anything like mine, you’ll scratch your head, laugh, and say to yourself, “Exactly what the hell is THAT about?!?!”.  Well, it really isn’t as interesting as it sounded initially but it’s still pretty silly.  Apparently it is a new theft deterrent device that sprays intruders with “selectDNA” that has fluorescent properties under UV light and stays in the crevices of skin and clothes for weeks.  For some reason they seem to think that intruders will flee at the site of some sticker on the premise that threatens to coat them with DNA evidence. Ha! I have to scoff at that idea.  I just wasted 2 minutes of my life and I couldn’t even find out how much they want for the damn device…

See for yourself:



2 Responses to “DNA Douche???”

  1. I wish I had taken a snapshot when the advertisement above my gmail was for spam recipes… incidentally I was looking through my spam folder… It’s google’s AdSense at it’s best!

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