Even Hello Kitty is an Aspiring Scientist


I love Hello Kitty just as much as I love science and foreign culture.  Bless the Japanese for allowing me to be childish well into adulthood!  Lucky for me, it’s kinda fashionable even for grown women… It was quite fortuitous, though, that I was able to have a daughter of my own so I could have an excuse to buy any random Hello Kitty merchandise I encounter.  I thought it was novel when I purchased a book for my daughter entitled: “Hello Kitty: What Will I Be A to Z?” and on the page for the letter S I found the following illustration:helloscientist1


7 Responses to “Even Hello Kitty is an Aspiring Scientist”

  1. I have to send this to my friend, she’s planning on kids later and therefore currently subverting my daughter into the Hello Kitty Clan.

    I found your site via Dr Isis, I’m a mother of two and an undergrad too but prefer microbes to people. My ID says I’m at literarydeadkittens, but lately I’m at ichthyes.wordpress.

    Take it easy and good luck with your studies.

    • 2 extrovertscientist

      Well, ichthyes… your friend has great taste! I’ve been a loyal lifetime member of the Hello Kitty Clan! Good to see another undergrad mother, there aren’t too many of us. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. 3 thingsicareabout

    Oh god..

    • 4 extrovertscientist

      Hey, thingsicareabout, if Hello Kitty disturbs/nauseates you, you might get a good laugh at this guy’s blog.

  3. YAY! People who don’t appreciate Hello Kitty have problems. IGNORE. 😉 This is almost as cool as President Barbie. Almost.

    • 6 extrovertscientist

      Yeah… Hello Kitty is one of my guilty pleasures. OK, really I don’t even feel guilty. I just enjoy!

  4. that is very cool!

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