Thanks for your visit!


Wow!  I have to say that I never expected my blog to get any attention.  That was OK with me because, afterall, it should primarily be for my own amusement.  If others are amused in the process, all the better!  I have to share my gratitude with Dr. Isis and Pharmboy whom have spread the word of my blog, much to my surprise.  It really is encouraging, though, when others chime in to share their thoughts (and not to tell you you’re a complete moron, although I’m sure it’s quite possible and even likely…).  I NEVER thought I would blog, particularly because I feel self-conscious and compelled to “perform”.  Nevertheless, even when no one really was reading my blog I found it to be rather enjoyable.  In any case, I will definitely keep this up and hope that you all will enjoy future posts.  Your visit is much appreciated!


8 Responses to “Thanks for your visit!”

  1. welcome to the blogosphere. Its all great to meet other non-traditional scientists!

  2. Thanks to Dr. Isis for leading me here. I think I will have to add this to my blogroll. Welcome to the dangerous world of blogging!

  3. 3 piercedconsumer

    As in introverted liberal arts devotee, all I can say is, opposites attract!

    • 4 extrovertscientist

      Indeed they do! I love all sorts of people… especially the ones that AREN’T like me. It’s more interesting. I can definitely relate to the artsy types, too, though. I love art and music but never was confident that I could feed myself with those skills. Ha ha.

  4. I was told to come say ‘hey’ by . . .well, lets just say I was told to knock three times then once; when the password was requested I was to respond: ‘naughty monkey’.

    Me neither, I have no idea…

    I’ve got more tattoos and piercings than anyone I know that has a degree (not counting art majors!).

    Ha..!! D*mn art majors…

    ( Markup at wordpress..?? I can never remember… )

    Anyway, welcome to teh intertube world of blogging..!!


    • 6 extrovertscientist

      Hey …tom…! Glad you made it by. Who told you the password, anyway?? They weren’t supposed to give it out! ;oP

  5. 7 Laura M.

    I like your blog. I really with I had you for my science professor this semester instead of the boring old guy.

    • 8 extrovertscientist

      Thanks, Laura. I wish you didn’t have a boring old guy, either. It’s a shame when teachers are boring because there really are so many fascinating things about science!

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