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I haven’t been posting on the regular.  I’ve been battling the children again, trying to get things under control.  Apparently I’m losing that battle.  And my sanity. I’m feeling rather motivated to turn things around, though.  I’m taking my son to counseling on a weekly basis and I just purchased a couple of well-reviewed parenting […]

So I’m done whining.  I totally didn’t start this blog to whine about my personal problems.  I guess I’m allowed to sometimes but that sort of thing gets old.  Instead I decided to read some science news to get my mind off my troubles.  I stumbled upon an article that was kinda creepy, kinda cool.  […]

Nothing exciting going on in my life right now.  Sometimes I wish I could hit the fast forward button.  I feel guilty because sometimes I just don’t feel like only being a mother and a student.  I want to run away and do something different – see the world, party with my friends… It’s really […]

I suppose it happens to the best of us… our spirits get broken when we hit one too many walls in our lives.  As much as I resist emotional and moral defeat, over the last few weeks my personal problems have become a distraction to my work in the lab.  I’ve made the most asinine […]

Today was incredibly productive.  I participated in mock interviews at the EPA with their staff.  It went rather well.  I got some great tips from them on how I can improve but overall they seemed to like the way I communicate.  I also sat in a meeting for our school chapter of ISPE with 8 […]

Oh man…. I’m wondering if I have any readers left.  I haven’t posted in several days.  My poor blog!  I’ve neglected it.  Well, that’s life for you.  I’ve been the super busy, crazy, ultra student-mom over the last week or so.  Did I mention that I have super powers??  I was sick all last week […]

I was trying to find some good clips of Mr. Wizard’s World on You Tube but unfortunately, I could not find any decent ones worth posting.  I have to say that Mr. Wizard was the greatest influence of my childhood.  I always watched that show in awe and it truly made me think science was […]