If I Hear Another Cocaine Joke…


Like I said, I really dig foreign culture.  I suppose I should start by paying homage to my homeland, Colombia (and yes, that’s with TWO O’s and not O and U… I see it happen all the time).  I was born there and all my family before me was as well, as far back as I can imagine.  To be precise, I am from Medellin.  Yes, yes, I know. That’s where Pablo Escobar was from.  I’m well aware.  Sadly, my country doesn’t have the best PR.  If I had a nickel for every time an American mentioned cocaine shortly after I tell them where I’m from… And I say American because it just hasn’t happened with anyone else.  I’m not sure if it’s because foreigners are more sensitive to that sort of thing or if they just know better.  I dunno.  Don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you guys.  Usually I just see it as a way to make small talk partly because the average person just doesn’t know anything about Colombia besides cocaine and coffee.  Luckily, I’m unaffected but I think it would be nice to let everyone know a little bit more about such a culturally and geographically rich and diverse country.

Did you know that Colombia also exports amongst the most beautiful flowers in the world? As a matter of fact, next time you’re at Walmart, check the label on the carnations or roses.  I can almost guarantee that they are from Colombia.  My country is also known for beautiful women ;o) Anyway, I came across this video on a blog of which I will most definitely add to my blogroll.  I wanted to share this video with everyone so that you can see for yourselves that Colombia is more than just drugs and violence.  Additionally, the fantastic scenery is accompanied by some traditional and some modern Colombian music.

One last thing –  I would like to say that you can encourage Colombian farmers to grow coffee rather than cocaine by buying fair trade Colombian coffee.

Without further ado…


5 Responses to “If I Hear Another Cocaine Joke…”

  1. Colombia looks beautiful! I’m going to be in Equador for a bit this summer and I’m pretty excited!

  2. 2 extrovertscientist

    Oh, Eugenie… you’re in for a treat! Ecuador is equally as beautiful and I know you will love it. What part of Ecuador are you going to? There is a “flea market” per say, run by the indigenous people in Otavalo. The local crafts are spectacular! Not to mention that they are super cheap. Check out: http://www.otavalo-ecuador.com/. I took some beautiful pictures there. I’m envious of your trip. ;o)

  3. I’m going to be in in Quito for a few days and most of the time be in the Galapagos.

  4. 4 extrovertscientist

    Well then… I’m sure you’ll be plenty busy!

  5. I went to a diversity workshop type thing last semester and one of the students spoke about his experiences as a Colombian in America. He voiced a lot of the same points you did, mentioning that almost no one he met even considered that there might be more to Colombia than violence and drug cartels. He mentioned the beautiful flowers, too. 🙂

    Also, fair trade coffee rox.

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