Blogroll Amnesty Day


blogrollamnestydaycopyOoh.. it’s tough scouring through tons of random blogs out there when you’re new to this yourself.  I thank the couple of you who have suggested my new blog and now I must return the favor with a shout-out to:

1. Riding With Strangers – Friend of mine… won’t label him because he doesn’t like labels 😮

2. The Sum of the Parts – Folksy photographer friend of mine, plays the mandolin and he’s an organic chemistry teacher.  Need I say more?

3. …I’m Bound to Ramble – My friend Matt, man of the world/ photographer extraordinaire.

4. Fishtown University – Gotta represent the local crowd! Plus, I must validate his wee early morning posts. 😉

5. 49 Percent – This chick is cool.  I would totally hang out with her! Thanks to Eugenie for finding her!

6. Nerdvana – OK, this guy definitely gets more traffic but damn if I’m not a big nerd.  I like!


One Response to “Blogroll Amnesty Day”

  1. Aww thanks for the mention. 🙂

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