Inner Peace


BuddhaI’m still trying to find my inner peace today.  I will be attending a student leadership forum this weekend and I have to do a million things to prepare.  Amongst them, I must prepare to drive 3 hours roundtrip tomorrow afternoon to take the kids to my mother’s house.  But hey, 3 hours driving is a small price to pay to have a) some sanity (because they indeed have been driving me insane with their bickering) and b) a chance to socialize and network with other adults.  This event is for ISPE, a pharmaceutical industry related organization, and is a great opportunity for me to meet people that hopefully will give me a job one day.  So anyway, I must prepare my A game.  In the meantime, I don’t have much time to write or relax for that matter so today’s inner peace will be represented by a picture.  I’ll probably do this fairly frequently, and if you pay attention, you’ll learn a lot about the kind of person I am.  If you care.  And if you don’t, that’s OK, too.  Pictures are fun anyway.


2 Responses to “Inner Peace”

  1. Lovely picture. When you’re up for some procrastination, here’s a meme.

  2. found you linked on abel’s blog- i gather you must be in the same general vicinity as i, and the same general field too! small world it is.

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