Hey Gals… Put Your Claws Back In!


Honestly, I’m  crazy about both Dr. Isis and Samia but what the fuck is going on with you broads? Re-lax.  I’m pretty sure we all have great ideals.  Live and let live… We all have different ways to go about it.  Samia is disgruntled.  I think that’s OK as long as it’s not perpetual.  Dr. Isis, we’re all on the same side here.  Honestly, I could give three flying fucks about the white scientists and what they think or about the brown scientists and the chip that many of us carry on our shoulders.  I don’t think that anyone owes me a goddammed thing.  I owe it to myself.  I don’t buy the bullshit that “the white man is bringing us down”.  Are there rascists?  Sure.  Can they really keep me from doing what I am passionate and driven about?  Hell no.  I’m not gonna say that it’s particularly easy being a minority, especially when it is physically apparent but I get tired of the fucking pity party.  For real.  Diversity is great and I’m all about it but as a woman and a minority I say, “Fuck all the bullshit”. People get so damned hung up on race from all perspectives.  It’s about as retarded as asking for a restitution check.  These obstacles we face from time to time will only prove how badass we are as people and scientists.  We’ve got tenacity and gumption… that will take us much farther.  Samia and Dr. Isis, I love you chicks but it’s time to chillax.  Save your energy for something worthwhile.  If either one of you needs a hug, I’ve got it.

I think it is a shame that anyone would ever read or support a blogger strictly based on their gender or race.  I want people to read my blog because they think it’s interesting, funny, or informative.  My issue with race isn’t with the bigots, it’s with the minority groups themselves.  My previous post about Latinos in the sciences was more questioning the lack of motivation being that there is indeed possibility for progress for all minorities.  You certainly won’t hear me harp about being downtrodden.  I attend a historically black college and I hear enough of that crap as it is.  I don’t think anyone holds us back from progress but ourselves.


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