Sometimes Being a Responsible Adult Sucks.


Oh man…. I’m wondering if I have any readers left.  I haven’t posted in several days.  My poor blog!  I’ve neglected it.  Well, that’s life for you.  I’ve been the super busy, crazy, ultra student-mom over the last week or so.  Did I mention that I have super powers??  I was sick all last week and lucky me, I got pink eye.  Not to mention that I’ve been nagged to death by the career dev. peeps at my school about applying for internships because I just don’t stress enough about it on my own apparently.  I’m a grown ass woman.  I guess sometimes that’s forgotten!  Actually, I’m chasing financial independence like there’s no tomorrow.  Believe me…

So my son really wants me to have a nervous breakdown, too.  He’s been acting out again and with a fierce vengeance this time.  I’m really resisting putting him on meds.  Let me just say that it’s hard to resist at times like these when I’m being stretched so thin in a million directions.  It’s horrible to say, but I just don’t have time for these outbursts!  Nevertheless, I will avoid shoving pills down his throat.  I’m concerned about the long-term effects.  Some animal studies suggest that stimulants taken during childhood can degrade the dopamine receptors causing depression in the long run.  So it’s either deal with his problems now or deal with them later but at least I know there’s a chance he may grow out of these.  I’ll be taking him to counseling and trying other non-medication alternatives.  It’s going to be a long, hard road I’m sure….

I always hope to have something novel and witty to say to the blogosphere, but alas, I have nothing.  It’s just me and my troubles.  I guess that’s part of what this is all about anyway – Science. Culture.  Motherhood. Being an old ass undergrad.  Sleep is sooo overrated.  Who needs more than 5 hours a night anyway??


3 Responses to “Sometimes Being a Responsible Adult Sucks.”

  1. 1 InkRose

    Well, I for one have kept checking in once or twice a day since the last post, so here’s at least one reader you still have. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such an extra-rough time lately, but I’m sure you’ll pull through with flying colours. And I wouldn’t worry about the occasional pressure-valve post, you’ve got to have some outlet for all the frustration and negative feelings as well as for the positive things, and while it’s often good to talk to your kids about even difficult stuff, sometimes you just need to vent without worrying about the target audience. After all, that’s what most people write blogs for, anyway. Or clichè-ridden, angsty poetry for the desk drawer. 😀

    All the best,


  2. 2 whysharksmatter

    You still have readers, don’t worry.

    Any if I still have you as a reader, you should know there’s a new “Shark O’ The Week” up.

  3. 3 extrovertscientist

    Yeah… that’s always encouraging! Ha ha… I appreciate your readership, guys. Even when I’m a slacker ;o)

    David – Thanks for the reminder. I just forwarded my email to Andrew for that video you told me about and I’ll let my son check out the shark o’ the week tomorrow… if he’s good that is. ;o)

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