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Lucky Indeed!


Well, it seems that good things DO come to those who wait! I got news yesterday that I will be having a personal interview at the end of this week with an Unnamed Pharma Company and another Unnamed Pharma Company for summer internships.  I am particularly excited about the prospects at the first Unnamed Pharma […]

I need some insight into the psychology behind really outwardly, masculine, chauvinistic men.  The lab partner of mine that apparently thinks he is entitled and knows it all (although really, the title should be mine according to the NPI… well, not the entitlement part, actually…) takes the time to bring two servings of lunch with […]

After a lot of hurrying up and waiting, I finally got some decent news this week. I’ve been contacted by two Unnamed Pharma Companies regarding interviews for internship positions. I am really excited about both of these prospects. I really hope something awesome works out for the summer. Preferably something that pays well because I […]

Dr. Drew Pinsky, originally famous from the show “Loveline”, is out with a new book titled The Mirror Effect.  It discusses the role of celebrity narcissism and its influence on Americans, particularly its youth.  He conducted a test with various celebrities and members of the general population called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) that indicates […]

Vegan alfredo was not bad… It wasn’t exactly like the real thing but it was very tasty and not tofu-y at all. I would definitely make it again.  I added fresh spinach and garlic/tamari marinated baby portobello mushrooms.  The mushrooms were very rich in flavor so they were a great complement to the milder taste […]

My last meal seemed to have been a success.  I have to admit that even I was impressed! ;oP  I will be preparing a nice meal again tonight.  My dinner guest is on a month long vegan diet so for tonight I will prepare a vegan spinach alfredo. I found an awesome recipe online for […]

I think this video is awesome. It definitely appeals both to my creativity and geekiness. Enjoy! more about “Modern Little Red Riding Hood [VIDEO]“, posted with vodpod