Google Search Meme


OK, here it goes… The following 3 measly little searches resulted in my blog being the #1 search hit.  I tell you, I searched for well over 30 minutes and this is all I got!  I got a few #3 and #4’s, though.  I was tagged by Southern Fried Scientist.  For this, I am tagging Ichthyes and Eugenie.  So for you two, you must type in a string of words into Google and list the ones that result in #1 search hits.  Your blog title doesn’t count.  Based on my results, looks like I need to do a whole lot more writing!  Definitely the weird searches got better hits…

2 minutes DNA douche

spiel on monogamy

my country flowers cocaine beautiful women


2 Responses to “Google Search Meme”

  1. Done and done! 🙂

  1. 1 Google Search Meme (cont.) « ichthyes

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