Internship Prospects


After a lot of hurrying up and waiting, I finally got some decent news this week. I’ve been contacted by two Unnamed Pharma Companies regarding interviews for internship positions. I am really excited about both of these prospects. I really hope something awesome works out for the summer. Preferably something that pays well because I need a real damn vacation! Somewhere where I have no relatives… Hey, I can dream!


3 Responses to “Internship Prospects”

  1. 1 InkRose

    That’s wonderful news! Especially in the current economic climate, any job prospects at all is good, right? Whoever gets your hot science for the summer will be lucky.

    Speaking of relatives, how’s the young one doing? Have any of our suggestions turned out at all useful?

    • 2 extrovertscientist

      Hi InkRose! Glad to hear from you. My son seems to be improving somewhat… not by leaps and bounds but at least he isn’t going backwards. I’ve definitely decided against medication. I will not resort to that unless I have exhausted every other option and the situation is just dire. We’re nowhere near that yet! We will be joining the local YMCA soon so I will be putting him into some classes to exhaust him. Thanks for your concern! I’ll let you know how it goes….

      • 3 InkRose

        I’m glad to hear you’re both coping. There’s an endless curiosity about everything growing in that little head, and that part probably won’t get any less anytime soon, but once you two figure out a few things that can keep him interested and improving himself (in a way that he himself can tell he’s getting better at it, I mean), it’ll get a bit easier. Probably. Maybe. I hope. 🙂

        I think it’s easier now, for myself and everyone else, though if you ask the mrs you may get a different answer. 😛

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