Reality Check: Censorship Sucks!


Hmmm… I always thought I was acting within the boundaries of good judgement when I posted about my life events. Apparently, I need to learn to be paranoid. While I don’t completely disclose my information such as name, university attended, city I live in, etc… I honestly don’t give a fuck about anonymity. The things that I speak of on my blog are not secretive and I would gladly tell people in real life. Well, I got a nice little reality check today.

I was informed that I was turned down for an internship because I mentioned a pharmaceutical company by name on my blog and it showed up when they did an RSS search. They felt that this was a potential liability for them. While I understand issues of confidentiality and defamation, I did not say anything other than the fact that I interviewed with them and was very excited about the prospect. Wow. I was really frustrated to learn that this simple action could keep me from getting a job.  As you can imagine, I have begrudgingly gone back and edited out the names of any companies I have spoken of despite the fact that I would never speak negatively of a potentially or currently employing company in such a public forum. I feel that if I can’t tell the person or group how I feel about them, I probably shouldn’t be blogging about it, either. That’s just me, though, and I realize that bloggers may frequently be labeled as liabilities by companies and organizations that are afraid to have their images associated with their opinions.

This whole thing even made me consider taking down the blog altogether. I almost feel like if I have to be this damn paranoid, what’s the point. It kind of takes the fun out of it. Uggh. I guess I’ll keep it but now I know how hypersensitive companies are about this sort of stuff.


4 Responses to “Reality Check: Censorship Sucks!”

  1. 1 whysharksmatter

    Wait, the issue isn’t that you said something bad about the company, the issue is that you mentioned that you were applying for an internship with the company?

  2. 2 extrovertscientist

    Yes, that is correct… the issue is that I even mentioned the company because the only other two things I mentioned were the job description (available on the internet already) and that I was excited to work there. I was really mostly irritated that I was turned down because of what *might* happen rather than something I actually did.

  3. 3 katie

    That sucks. This is why I don’t mention any details on my blog and my personal blog is private only to friends. It’s stupid but something we have to deal with, I guess, when going into professional careers.

    You do still have an internship for the summer though, right?

  4. Maybe they felt you compromised the interview process by naming the company? They could be seen to be taking you on because you ‘advertised’ for them or somesuch. Companies face lawsuits for less.

    Just a thought.

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