Pharma Internship: Week 2


I’m quickly approaching the end of my second week at an undisclosed pharmaceutical company (ugghhh… I hate being secretive).  I work in the quality control laboratory of a solid oral dose plant. So far I’m rather enjoying the company in general. It’s a great work environment and people are very friendly. The employees seem generally happy… and why shouldn’t they? They have the most awesome cafeteria food ever prepared by a five star Austrian chef! ha ha ha. Actually, it is quite delectable and also rather affordable.

The QC lab is great for me so far since I really enjoy chemistry. I’m just wondering how long I could do the work before I get bored. It’s a bit repetitive. Who knows. I wish I had several more summers worth of internships to try out different departments. The one that sounds very interesting to me is R&D. The downside is that R&D usually gets laid off before the other departments. Also, quality control is more in demand and the skills can be transferred to many different companies. All I’m hoping for now is to make a great impression on my supervisors so they’ll think of me next year when I’m graduating and the economy is still sucking!

My other good news for the moment is that I am officially taking a vacation. And I say officially because the kids aren’t going with me! I love them to death but I need a little break before school is in full effect again. This will be my senior year, too. Anyway, I’m going to Colombia. I’m really excited. I can’t wait! I’m also bringing along a friend who’s never been. It will be about 5 days only but I’ll take what I can get… there’s only so long you can convince someone else to take your kids ;o)

Well, it looks like it’s bedtime for me. Long day tomorrow. Frankly, long day every day! It’s well worth it, though. Hopefully I’ll be able to update again relatively soon.


3 Responses to “Pharma Internship: Week 2”

  1. 1 whysharksmatter

    Um… your mom works in the quality control laboratory of a solid oral dose plant?

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