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I’m getting tired of the Friday night alone gig. I try to avoid whining publicly, but such is life. Eh… not much to do about it. I guess I can just fold some laundry and go to bed. Preferably I would have someone to keep me company but alas, I am alone.   Advertisements

I’ve been diligently (trying) to work on my research presentation that’s coming up in 2 and a half weeks. Mostly right now I’m looking up a lot of background info. Working at home is hard sometimes. Anything and everything can distract me.  Of course, I stumbled upon the cutest thing ever – a geek dating […]

Tomorrow I have to attend a student chapter meeting for a pharmaceutical club at our school, of which I am president. Tomorrow is also Science Share and family night at my kids’ school. They (being my progeny) were rather excited about Science Share. I am a single mom and their father is currently in Iraq […]

People really seem to love looking up food information. Still to this day, my blog post of the YouTube video on how to trim asparagus is one of the most popular amongst my blog entries. I’m thinking about something yummy at the moment so I figured I’d share it. Just so you all know, I’m […]

I attended a conference today for pharmaceutical industry professionals and they were discussing following data trends to minimize “out of spec” analytical test results. For those of you who don’t know much about manufacturing, the quality control department is responsible for conducting analytical testing to ensure product safety and uniformity before it is released for […]

For my research module at the university I will be studying the hormones leptin and adiponectin. Of course, that’s after I figure out the logistics of the elusive UPLC/MS that no one around me seems to know how to operate. See my previous posting about fucking shit up to read more about that rant.  Anyhow, […]

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Today, I was sitting in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office where they usually have segments playing from CNN Health. One that I found extremely interesting was about something called a ViRob, a microrobot created by researchers of the medical robotics lab at the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion). The ViRob is only 1mm in diameter. […]