Creepy Crawler


virob 1Today, I was sitting in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office where they usually have segments playing from CNN Health. One that I found extremely interesting was about something called a ViRob, a microrobot created by researchers of the medical robotics lab at the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion). The ViRob is only 1mm in diameter. It has thin, leg-like extensions which it uses to propel itself through narrow structures. The tiny robot is controlled by external magnetic forces. It’s “legs” allow it to maneuver even through viscous fluids in a strictly forward motion. It is hoped that these robots can be used for targeted drug delivery, the placement of catheters, cameras, etc… There are many possibilities that researchers hope to achieve with this technology.

You know, this kinda blows my mind. The thought that something like this can crawl through your veins is pretty amazing…. but kind of gross and creepy, too. I suppose that it may not be any less dangerous than any other treatment we may use. It’s all unnatural and foreign if you sit and think about it. I guess it doesn’t help that the thing looks like a bug! Nevertheless, it’s quite neat that someone created this. Anyway, here is the clip if you are interested:


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