Single Motherhood Woes


Tomorrow I have to attend a student chapter meeting for a pharmaceutical club at our school, of which I am president. Tomorrow is also Science Share and family night at my kids’ school. They (being my progeny) were rather excited about Science Share. I am a single mom and their father is currently in Iraq (and has been on and off for the last 5 years…). Needless to say, I will not be able to take them due to my obligatory meeting. Of all nights of the month that they could have Science Share, why tomorrow?? It’s frustrating. I can tell a kid no in the blink of an eye when they want to eat out at a restaurant or want the latest, trendy toy. I don’t feel that these things are essential or even beneficial in their life, but to tell them I can’t take them to Science Share is an entirely different disappointment. I don’t even have any family in less than a 2 hour radius that can do me the favor. It’s just one of those things. Tomorrow, instead of exciting science projects, they’ll be sitting silently through an hour of boring ass speaking. At least there’s pizza at the end. Sigh…


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