It’s Who You Know


A few months ago I attended a local, professional conference. I went dressed to impress, prepared with business cards and a smile. I sincerely enjoy meeting and communicating with people so I never feel that I am being false or manipulative by chatting with people at these conferences, but my main objective is to meet people that I can make a connection with, either for job prospects or career advice. Interestingly, I was the only student at a conference of about 100 people.

Today I received a phone call from a man that I met at the conference. I’m terrible with names but I actually remembered this guy because we have a mutual acquaintance and he works for a small but interesting biopharmaceutical company very nearby. At the conference we held a decent conversation after which I handed him my card (never underestimate the powers of having a business card, even as a student!). I let him know that I graduate in May and will be looking for work.

As you can imagine, I was super stoked when he let me know that they have a couple positions at my level that will be opening up in the next few months. He asked me to submit my resume and let him know so that he could have it pushed to the top. It’s likely I’ll get interviewed for this job and, luckily, I rely more on my articulation and communication skills than my resume to show my potential as an employee. My resume doesn’t suck, but it’s not breathtaking either. I’m a student. I don’t have much industry experience. It’s to be expected.

I’m really excited about this opportunity. Unfortunately, I can’t give a lot of details because the last blogging incident left a bad taste in my mouth. All I can say is that the position involves processing stem cells used in clinical trials, the kind of stuff you do in a cleanroom. Being that it’s a small company (fewer than 30 employees), I would have plenty of opportunity to learn new skills and it is likely that I would assume various roles. I also kind of like the idea of growing with a company from the beginning. Anyway, nothing’s in the bag but I’m optimistic. This sounds like my kind of gig.


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