Non-traditional.  That pretty much sums up my life.  How so you ask?  Well, I’m 27 and an undergraduate student.  I am a single mother of 2 (hence, the 27 and undergrad part) and I’m an hispanic woman in the sciences.  To top it off, I love people yet I love working in the lab.  I’ve got more tattoos and piercings than anyone I know that has a degree (not counting art majors!).  I’m eclectic.  I never fit the standard, no matter what group of people I’m with.  That’s OK by me, though.  I see things from a different perspective.  So we can talk about buddhism or opera or chemistry…  I always have a little something to say about everything.

I created this blog with the intent of sharing my experiences as a mother, a student, and a scientist.  I’ll also throw in my thoughts on people and culture. It’ll be a hodge-podge, I suppose!


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  1. Glad to see you’re up and running…best of luck with your blog.

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