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I went to Colombia over the summer and I was just reminiscing about how much fun I had. I’m afraid of heights, yet I gave paragliding a whirl. That’s me in the air. It was truly amazing. I was dying of anxiety before take-off but once the wind lifts you in the air, all the […]

I went to visit family in Miami for Thanksgiving. It was great. I got a chance to relax and have fun. I have to admit, I didn’t crack a book in the four days I was away. =S I really enjoy cityscape/landscape photography. Miami is a great place to do that. Here is a  collection […]

I dug through some pictures of mine that I took when I visited Colombia in 2006. I found a few of the town where my grandmother lives.  This little town is like stepping back in time.  It was my favorite part of the trip.  I thought I would share them with you.  The first is […]

Lucky Indeed!


Well, it seems that good things DO come to those who wait! I got news yesterday that I will be having a personal interview at the end of this week with an Unnamed Pharma Company and another Unnamed Pharma Company for summer internships.  I am particularly excited about the prospects at the first Unnamed Pharma […]

Tomorrow night I plan on making a nice dinner, nothing microwaveable for once!  I have a little time on my hands and generally don’t devote a whole lot of effort to preparing fancy meals.  I stick to quick and nutritious.  Anyway, I’ll be making some baked salmon (one of my faves!) with couscous and asparagus.  […]

Honestly, I’m  crazy about both Dr. Isis and Samia but what the fuck is going on with you broads? Re-lax.  I’m pretty sure we all have great ideals.  Live and let live… We all have different ways to go about it.  Samia is disgruntled.  I think that’s OK as long as it’s not perpetual.  Dr. […]

Like I said, I really dig foreign culture.  I suppose I should start by paying homage to my homeland, Colombia (and yes, that’s with TWO O’s and not O and U… I see it happen all the time).  I was born there and all my family before me was as well, as far back as […]