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I went to Colombia over the summer and I was just reminiscing about how much fun I had. I’m afraid of heights, yet I gave paragliding a whirl. That’s me in the air. It was truly amazing. I was dying of anxiety before take-off but once the wind lifts you in the air, all the […]

I went to visit family in Miami for Thanksgiving. It was great. I got a chance to relax and have fun. I have to admit, I didn’t crack a book in the four days I was away. =S I really enjoy cityscape/landscape photography. Miami is a great place to do that. Here is a  collection […]

This is a picture of a traditional bus and a church down the street from my grandmother’s house in the small town of Sonson, Colombia. I had the great opportunity to visit over the summer.

I dug through some pictures of mine that I took when I visited Colombia in 2006. I found a few of the town where my grandmother lives.  This little town is like stepping back in time.  It was my favorite part of the trip.  I thought I would share them with you.  The first is […]

Lucky Indeed!


Well, it seems that good things DO come to those who wait! I got news yesterday that I will be having a personal interview at the end of this week with an Unnamed Pharma Company and another Unnamed Pharma Company for summer internships.  I am particularly excited about the prospects at the first Unnamed Pharma […]

Inner Peace


I’m still trying to find my inner peace today.  I will be attending a student leadership forum this weekend and I have to do a million things to prepare.  Amongst them, I must prepare to drive 3 hours roundtrip tomorrow afternoon to take the kids to my mother’s house.  But hey, 3 hours driving is […]

I’m too busy/bummed out to post anything of substance today.  Pictures are always fun to look at in my opinion, no matter how seemingly meaningless or amateur (sometimes those are the best).  I’d rather look back at today’s post and remember the beautiful day at the park rather than read back on my sniveling.  Moping […]