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A few months ago I attended a local, professional conference. I went dressed to impress, prepared with business cards and a smile. I sincerely enjoy meeting and communicating with people so I never feel that I am being false or manipulative by chatting with people at these conferences, but my main objective is to meet […]

I attended a conference today for pharmaceutical industry professionals and they were discussing following data trends to minimize “out of spec” analytical test results. For those of you who don’t know much about manufacturing, the quality control department is responsible for conducting analytical testing to ensure product safety and uniformity before it is released for […]

Creepy Crawler


Today, I was sitting in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office where they usually have segments playing from CNN Health. One that I found extremely interesting was about something called a ViRob, a microrobot created by researchers of the medical robotics lab at the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion). The ViRob is only 1mm in diameter. […]

Currently I am conducting a research project as part of my senior year curriculum to satisfy the graduation requirements for my pharmaceutical sciences program. As a student, I am allowed to choose a professor to work with based on their area of research. Some professors give the students lots of flexibility and independence on their […]

Dr. Drew Pinsky, originally famous from the show “Loveline”, is out with a new book titled The Mirror Effect.  It discusses the role of celebrity narcissism and its influence on Americans, particularly its youth.  He conducted a test with various celebrities and members of the general population called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) that indicates […]

My daughter came down with the dreaded “stomach flu” yesterday.  Ugghh… I would not wish that not even on my lab partner that really irritates me. Ha ha.  Anyway, poor thing threw up all night and had stomach cramps.  It’s really horrible to watch a small child deal with profuse vomiting.  Everyone involved is just […]

So I’m done whining.  I totally didn’t start this blog to whine about my personal problems.  I guess I’m allowed to sometimes but that sort of thing gets old.  Instead I decided to read some science news to get my mind off my troubles.  I stumbled upon an article that was kinda creepy, kinda cool.  […]