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I started working just a couple of days after finishing up the semester at school. I took up temp work for the holidays at the pharma company where I completed my internship. My schedule is a bit longer, albeit that I have no homework or studying to do when I come home. It’s really great […]

I’ve been diligently (trying) to work on my research presentation that’s coming up in 2 and a half weeks. Mostly right now I’m looking up a lot of background info. Working at home is hard sometimes. Anything and everything can distract me.  Of course, I stumbled upon the cutest thing ever – a geek dating […]

For my research module at the university I will be studying the hormones leptin and adiponectin. Of course, that’s after I figure out the logistics of the elusive UPLC/MS that no one around me seems to know how to operate. See my previous posting about fucking shit up to read more about that rant.  Anyhow, […]

I think at this point it is fairly well known that overeating is an addiction behavior, much like that of a drug addiction. There are a few new findings presented at last week’s annual meeting for the Society of Neuroscience held in Chicago that I find quite intriguing, though. Paul Johnson of the Scripps Research […]

I’ve been in proactivity overdrive lately. Graduation is soon approaching. Only one more semester and I’ll be on my own in more ways than one. 2010 certainly brings a lot of changes for me. I’ve been nickel and diming college for 10 years now although I’ll have 2 children, 2 Associates degrees and a Bachelors […]

As some of you may know, I’ve taken a hiatus from this whole blogging deal. I think what really did me in was losing an internship simply because I referred to a pharmaceutical company by name. I guess that just left me jaded. I felt that I was being punished for something I may *potentially* […]

After a lot of hurrying up and waiting, I finally got some decent news this week. I’ve been contacted by two Unnamed Pharma Companies regarding interviews for internship positions. I am really excited about both of these prospects. I really hope something awesome works out for the summer. Preferably something that pays well because I […]