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I’ve been hyping my 8 year old son for the 3rd grade spelling bee. He seemed really enthused about the prospect of spelling bee fame and glory, including a trip to Washington, D.C. for the national spelling bee. We’ve occasionally been practicing for fun in the car. Well, today was the first of a series of eliminations. […]

So I’m having the same issues with my son in school: he’s not staying in his seat, talks to much, jokes too much, won’t stay focused on his work, etc… but yet he scored in the 99.5th percentile on the academically and intellectually gifted tests across a variety of subjects. I really thought it was […]

I haven’t been posting on the regular.  I’ve been battling the children again, trying to get things under control.  Apparently I’m losing that battle.  And my sanity. I’m feeling rather motivated to turn things around, though.  I’m taking my son to counseling on a weekly basis and I just purchased a couple of well-reviewed parenting […]