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A few months ago I attended a local, professional conference. I went dressed to impress, prepared with business cards and a smile. I sincerely enjoy meeting and communicating with people so I never feel that I am being false or manipulative by chatting with people at these conferences, but my main objective is to meet […]

Busy Bee


I figured I’d write just a few words to stay in the habit of it… It’s so damn easy to get inundated by everything else in life and let the poor blog go to shit. I had a calculus test this morning, an informational interview at [Insert Name Here] pharmaceutical company (which went fantastic, by […]

Today was incredibly productive.  I participated in mock interviews at the EPA with their staff.  It went rather well.  I got some great tips from them on how I can improve but overall they seemed to like the way I communicate.  I also sat in a meeting for our school chapter of ISPE with 8 […]