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People really seem to love looking up food information. Still to this day, my blog post of the YouTube video on how to trim asparagus is one of the most popular amongst my blog entries. I’m thinking about something yummy at the moment so I figured I’d share it. Just so you all know, I’m […]

My last meal seemed to have been a success.  I have to admit that even I was impressed! ;oP  I will be preparing a nice meal again tonight.  My dinner guest is on a month long vegan diet so for tonight I will prepare a vegan spinach alfredo. I found an awesome recipe online for […]

Tomorrow night I plan on making a nice dinner, nothing microwaveable for once!  I have a little time on my hands and generally don’t devote a whole lot of effort to preparing fancy meals.  I stick to quick and nutritious.  Anyway, I’ll be making some baked salmon (one of my faves!) with couscous and asparagus.  […]