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A few months ago I attended a local, professional conference. I went dressed to impress, prepared with business cards and a smile. I sincerely enjoy meeting and communicating with people so I never feel that I am being false or manipulative by chatting with people at these conferences, but my main objective is to meet […]

For my research module at the university I will be studying the hormones leptin and adiponectin. Of course, that’s after I figure out the logistics of the elusive UPLC/MS that no one around me seems to know how to operate. See my previous posting about fucking shit up to read more about that rant.  Anyhow, […]

Currently I am conducting a research project as part of my senior year curriculum to satisfy the graduation requirements for my pharmaceutical sciences program. As a student, I am allowed to choose a professor to work with based on their area of research. Some professors give the students lots of flexibility and independence on their […]

OK, well apparently I’m fixated.  I suppose I *could* rant about love at least until Valentine’s day. That’s my excuse, anyway. Having a failed marriage of my own (I just recently separated from an 8 year relationship), I wonder what components are essential for a successful relationship. Obviously one’s upbringing affects their capacity for healthy […]